About us
iNETs Education Services is a real-time company-exposure-based education service, located in Chennai, India. We offer a broad range of training programs, covering advanced concepts of Storage Area Network (SAN), Backup & Recovery, Virtualization and De-duplication in Chennai. Our goal is to provide training programs as per the IT Industry requirements. We believe the best way to ensure this is to offer customized training programs which includes all components of Storage Life-Cycle Management.

iNETs delivers an integrated curriculum of technology-enabled learning solutions and services, reflecting a broad range of real-time project exposures and practices that offer a single point of accountability, which increases the job opportunities. We believe learning can be a key lever for engaging and mobilizing [the modern IT workforce]. So we focus on changes of technology that not only adapt to how individuals learn best, but that also scale to the needs as per the IT Market requirements

Businesses are challenged to stay ahead of astonishing speed of information and technology today. We believe learning can help our customers to keep pace with the change. The expertise of our people is central to the success of our business. In the time of continuous change of technology and innovation, iNETs aims to serve the learning and development needs of both our customers and clients. We look forward to sharing our passion with our customers and we look forward to transforming knowledge into practice.
To provide a stimulating learning environment with the real time project experiences across the whole curriculum, which maximizes individuals' potential and ensures students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of the job market.

How we differ from other Learning centres/Institutions?.
● Our Trainings sessions are provided by Industry Experts..
● We demonstrate how companies make use of these technologies in their real time projects..
● We demonstrate how companies deliver these technologies to their customers..
● We show how these technologies seamlessly integrate with ITIL standard.